Product Care

Follow these tips to keep your TFF products looking great and working at their best! 

Bash Bars and Parachute Bars:

Some surface rust is possible if the bar is left uncoated. Surface rust is not permanent and can be removed. To prevent this, we recommend at the minimum using primer and spray paint to coat the bar. Powder coating will give a longer lasting and more durable finish.

Before spray painting, we recommend using a red scotch bright pad to scuff the metal surface until hazy. Next , wipe all dirt and grease off the bar with acetone. Bare metal rust prevent primer is recommended before painting.


Aluminum Tanks:

Aluminum is a very soft metal and is easily scratched, please handle with care. Any finger prints left on the tank during install will be very difficult to remove once the care is driven and heat cycled. After install we recommend wiping down the entire tank with glass cleaner and a microfiber towel.


Anodized Tanks:

Anodized tanks may fade if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Discoloration in high heat areas may happen on some products and cannot be prevented.